Company Image/YouTube Video

A company or corporate image video is a 3 to 10 minute introduction of a business. It is designed essentially as an in-depth commercial to  highlight the company, its products, and its people in a positive and entertaining manner and is sometimes used as a recruiting tool.


A seminar, meeting, party, or wedding captured for future use whether it be for training, distribution of information, or for use as a documented memory.

Training and Safety

As inferred by the title, these videos are used to train and inform employees of a company's procedures whether it be how to handle sales leads, manufacture a product, or how to safely operate equipment.

Video Photo Albums

These videos are generally composed of still photographs assembled together with an accompanying soundtrack. This type of project can be used to bring an individual's, a family's,  or even a company's history or event to life. Examples of such pieces would be a collage of wedding photos, a tribute to an individual or group, etc.
Working with the client on the vision of the project, budgeting, writing the script, casting on-camera/voice over talent, selecting locations, selecting the right crew, obtaining/scheduling equipment, props, and other essentials for the shoot. 
The actual shooting of the project or principal photography where the crew and on-camera talent bring all physical aspects of the production together. 
Post production encompasses all of the individual parts of the project. This is where your footage is edited, animation is produced, titles are added, and music is incorporated into the final program.